What is FireMed?

FireMed is:

  • An affordable way for members to protect themselves from the unexpected cost of an ambulance or air medical transportation.
  • A program that supports emergency medical response provided by Ashland Fire and Rescue and Mercy Flights.
  • Part of a shared network of more than 80 other FireMed locations in Oregon, which means members are covered in these areas.

Why FireMed?

  • It's expensive to provide excellent emergency ambulance and air medical transportation service to a community of our size. A combination of FireMed members, patients, and third party reimbursements (e.g., Medicare) fund ambulance service in our community.
  • A typical health insurance policy covers only 50-80%—leaving you to pay the balance.
  • Even if you never need an ambulance, your membership helps others in our community receive the best medical emergency treatment possible.
  • Because without FireMed we’d have fewer funds available to support ambulance services in our community. We’d have to pay the bill in part or in full out of our own pocket.


Who is FireMed?

You, the members, are FireMed.

Ashland Fire and Rescue is FireMed

Together, we are FireMed.




Thomas Family


FireMed is an obvious choice for an active, budget-concious family like ours. Knowing we're covered gives us peace of mind.

--Thomas Family
FireMed Plus Members